Vanuatu is a mesmerizing archipelago nestled in the South Pacific Ocean, situated northeast of Australia and north of New Zealand. This enchanting island nation is part of the Melanesian region, comprising over 80 islands that boast pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and a rich indigenous culture.

Strategically located, it a popular year-round tropical getaway for travellers from both countries with flight times between 2.5 and 5 hours depending on the origin and arriving airport selected.   Guests from Asia, Europe and the Americas generally gain access via Australia or NZ.  There is also direct access through Fiji for travellers from North America.

Some of the airlines serving Vanuatu include:

1.     Air Vanuatu - The national carrier of Vanuatu, offering direct flights from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. Website:

2.     Qantas – code share flights with Air Vanuatu. Website:

3.     Air New Zealand - New Zealand's national carrier with flights from Auckland to Port Vila. Website:

4.     Fiji Airways - Connects Vanuatu to Nadi, Fiji and North America. Website:

5.     Aircalin - The international airline of New Caledonia, providing flights to Vanuatu from Noumea. Website:

6.     Solomon Airlines - The national carrier of the Solomon Islands, offering flights to Vanuatu from Honiara. Also provide flights on behalf of Air Vanuatu from Brisbane and Auckland. Website:

The most direct route for guests wishing to stay at Barrier Beach is the Brisbane / Santo flight.

Travellers can easily book flights to Vanuatu through the respective airline websites or through online travel agencies, ensuring a seamless and convenient journey to this captivating island paradise.