Barrier Beach Resort in Vanuatu is situated on the southeastern coast of the captivating island of Espiritu Santo, approximately 15 kilometres (about 9.3 miles) from the capital of Luganville. This convenient distance ensures that travellers can easily access The Resort while still being able to explore the attractions of Luganville and the Island.

For those arriving by air, The Resort is conveniently located approximately 20 kilometres (about 12 miles) from the Pekoa International Airport. This airport serves as a gateway to the island and guests arriving quickly transition from the excitement of air travel to the serenity of the Barrier Beach Resort.

As visitors venture from the airport or Luganville to The Resort, they will be greeted by the island's natural wonders. The surrounding beaches, including The Resort's namesake Barrier Beach, showcase the enchanting blend of soft sands and the gentle embrace of the South Pacific's turquoise waters. Nearby gems like Lontoc Beach and Champagne Beach offer additional opportunities for exploration and rejuvenation.

With its prime location near Luganville and the airport, Barrier Beach Resort beckons travellers to experience the harmony of nature and luxury in Vanuatu's tropical paradise.

Guest Arrivals – Guests arriving at the Airport will be met by one of The Resort’s Guest Relations Staff with complimentary transport to The Resort.