Barrier Beach Resort in Vanuatu is a breathtaking oasis of luxury and serenity, nestled on the southeastern coast of the captivating island of Espiritu Santo. Surrounded by the pristine beauty of the South Pacific Ocean, this idyllic resort offers a perfect escape for discerning travellers seeking a slice of paradise.

The Resort's architecture and design blend seamlessly with the natural landscape, providing a harmonious ambiance that allows guests to connect with the untouched beauty of Vanuatu's coastal wonderland. The luxurious accommodations offer stunning views of the turquoise waters, while the resort's amenities cater to every need, ensuring a truly indulgent experience.

Barrier Beach Resort is aptly named for the natural coral reef that lies just offshore, creating a serene barrier and ensuring the water remains calm and inviting. Guests can spend their days unwinding on the soft, powdery white sand, taking refreshing dips in the azure ocean, or embarking on exciting adventures like snorkelling and diving to explore the vibrant underwater world.

Adding to the allure, The Resort is located near other picturesque beaches such as Lonnoc Beach and Champagne Beach, allowing travellers to explore the region's natural treasures.

Whether seeking romance, relaxation, or adventure, Barrier Beach Resort promises an unforgettable retreat, enveloping guests in the charm and splendor of Vanuatu's unspoiled coastal paradise.